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Safety Shield Certification

Safety Shield Certifications

Momentum Safety Shield Certification is a hallmark of safety excellence in educational institutions. This certification is a testament to an institution's commitment to maintaining high safety standards and implementing best practices. The certification process evaluates various aspects of safety and assigns a score (MI Score) that reflects the institution's adherence to these standards.

The Momentum India Edge

Our audits rigorously assess safety, focusing on child protection, crisis management, and structural stability. Our approach evaluates incident risks, operational documentation, and staff competency, aligning with key standards like the National Building Code 2016 and CBSE guidelines for comprehensive safety assurance.

Compliance & Best Practices

Institutions achieving a score of 95% or higher demonstrate an independent safety culture, proactive safety measures, comprehensive safety awareness, and integration of safety in the school curriculum.

Continuous Improvement

The certification process emphasizes continual improvement, with different levels of certification valid for 12 or 18 months, encouraging institutions to consistently enhance their safety protocols.

Comprehensive Evaluation

Our holistic assessment spans from legal compliance to incident reporting, covering infrastructure safety, protocol adherence, zero accidents, and management's commitment to a robust safety culture.

Tiered Certification

Depending on the MI Score, institutions are recognized at various levels, reflecting their commitment to creating and maintaining a safe educational environment.


The Safety Shield Certification by Momentum not only provides a structured framework for institutions to evaluate and improve their safety standards but also serves as a symbol of trust and reliability for students, parents, and staff​​.
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